Department of Community & Economic Development


The Department of Community and Economic Development offers a wide variety of services which are specifically designed to maintain and expand the reputation of Copley Township as a great place to live, work and play. The Department assists in implementing the objectives of the Copley Township Board of Trustees by working with developers, realtors, and the business community to actively promote and facilitate development efforts. The Department of Community and Economic Development organizes and promotes the marketability of the township through good public and private sector relationships. Utilizing various federal, state, and local programs and funding sources, the Department coordinates new development, rehabilitation, and maintenance of properties throughout the township.

Focus Areas

The Department of Community and Economic Development is tasked with key focus areas which include:

  • Community and Economic Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Enhanced Public and Green Space
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Preservation of Historically Significant Structures/Land
  • Strategic Land Planning
Jacobs Heritage Farm

Located in Copley, Ohio, Jacobs Heritage Farm is a small fourth generation farm, owned by the same family since 1919. Jennifer and Jason Littlebear refer to their farm as a heritage farm because of its history and because they prefer to raise heritage livestock. The farm provides a variety of goods and products to the public at the Farmstand, including fresh local honey from our 25 acre honeybee preserve, quail eggs and meat, fresh chicken and duck eggs, pasture raised mangalitsa pork and rendered lard, free range chicken, Christmas geese and duck, lamb, heirloom perennials and herbs, handmade soap, frozen goats milk, goatsmilk fudge, jellies and preserves, and they usually have a selection of antiques available for sale. The products vary by season so contact the Farm to find out what they currently have in stock, or check the "Farm Store" page on their website.

farm collage