Economic Development

Copley strives to foster sound economic development objectives which facilitates investment.  A stronger business market helps create employment opportunities and leads to economic prosperity.   



As part of an ongoing effort to assist in keeping Copley businesses competitive, the Community & Economic Development Department administers a Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Plan. The BRE is the foundation of effective economic development and often includes onsite business visitations. The Department’s BRE focuses on finding ways to help business overcome regulatory obstacles or working to find solutions to assist with site relocation or business expansion. Projects on the Move



Access to utilities and transportation infrastructure is critical for business attraction, retention and expansion. The Development team works on behalf of the community businesses and landowners to ensure the necessary infrastructure can be put in place so that re/development opportunities can be realized. Copley supports partnerships designed to improve and enhance infrastructure within the Township. Low interest energy improvements may be available to qualifying businesses through a partnership with NOPEC. Learn more about NOPEC opportunities today.

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The Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is designed to advance, encourage and promote the industrial, economic, commercial and civic development of Copley Township.

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