Fire Safety


Helpful Hints For Your Safety And Well-Being




stony-hill-fire-stationDialing 911: Emergency calls for fire and/or emergency medical service should be made by dialing 911. Once the call is made -- STAY CALM! Follow the emergency operator's instructions. Don't move those who are hurt unless they are in danger. Keep them warm and comfortable.

Make it easy for the emergency personnel to find you. Mark your location with a bright cloth or lights. Send someone to meet the vehicle in front of your house, building, car, etc., if possible. General questions and other inquiries should be directed to the Fire Department Administrative Offices, 330-666-6464.

House / Business Numbers: Emergency vehicles, as well as utility trucks, postal and delivery trucks, have difficulty locating a business or home address when the numbers have faded, are not large enough, or simply are not posted in a place easy to see from the road. Numbers should be four inches tall, visible from the road -- and -- visible at night.

Hazardous Materials: Several Copley Firefighters have specialized training for dealing with the handling of spills and other emergencies involving hazardous materials. They are a part of a Summit County Haz-Mat Team that can be mobilized instantly if the need should arise.



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