Next Meeting:  Thursday, August 28, 2014 @ 7 pm - Copley Town Hall, 1540 S. Cleve-Mass Rd.

Welcome and Opening Remarks

From its formation in 1978, the Copley Homeowner's Association (CHA) played a big part in shaping the land use of Copley Township.  Today a new group of Copley residents are picking up where the original founders left off.  The Copley Homeowner's Association is reorganizing.

In the past, Copley Homeowner's Association focused on zoning, land use, and township services.  Today, concerns are still the same. As in the recent past, Copley Township landowners are once again being solicited for oil and gas leases.  Not since the 80's has oil and gas been in such demand in Copley. This rush for exploration and extraction of oil and gas deposits has been ongoing for a number of years to the east in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.  Within the last 18 months the search has moved into eastern and southeastern Ohio. Within the last month or two, the quest has moved into Summit County. Many of you landowners have been solicited by out of state companies seeking to acquire their "mineral rights". In fact, this past Tuesday, officials from the Townships of Bath and Copley and the City of Fairlawn met in their quarterly safety meeting and the focus of discussion was the methodology of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells in Summit County.

Second, the Township is undertaking a major rewrite of the zoning code.  You may wish to understand how the revised code affects you. This can be accomplished through routine reports from the CHA.

Below are answers to some of the questions that were asked at the meeting on January 19th.

  • Copley Township contains a total of 7,389 individual parcels.
  • Copley Township has a total of 13,193 acres within its jurisdiction
  • The average parcel size within Copley is 1.785 acres

Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws Amended September 2013

Survey of Interest


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