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Copley Township is pleased to announce the opening of its new Recycle Center at 1280 Sunset Drive (next to the Copley Police Department).  This center is for all Copley Township residents and businesses that want to recycle but may not have an avenue to do so.  There are four separate containers to deposit recyclable items. Signs are in place to help guide users to the correct containers and flyers are available with information pertaining to the Recycle Center as well as other collection and recycle programs offered by Copley Township. This facility was made possible by grants from Summit/Akron/Solid Waste Management Authority.

To Tow Away, Auction Off and Recycle Old Cars free of charge go to  Proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

As of May 1, 2017, the Copley Recycle Center will no longer accept textile materials.  Simple Recycling has removed their collection bin due to low volumes.

Accepted Items:

Plastic bottles and food containers #1-#7 Larger than 2" x 2" (Sport drinks, soda bottles, milk jugs, butter tubs, etc.) **
Glass bottles and jars (Clear, green or brown only)
Steel Cans (Steel/tin/bimetal)

Aluminum cans only - All proceeds donated to the Akron Children's Hospital Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Program (ACBC)

Newspaper, paper, magazines & catalogs, paperback books, junk mail, office and school papers, calendars, chip board or fiber board (cereal, pop & beer cartons), envelopes (with or without windows), phone books, hardcover books with covers removed. Aseptic cartons (waxed cartons, milk, juice, half & half)

Corrugated cardboard only - Please break down all boxes.

Items Not Accepted:

NO plastic item #1 - #7 less than 2" x 2" (pill bottles, spice bottles, etc.) **
NO styrofoam of any kind (packaging, food containers, cups, etc.)
NO plastic food wrapping (Saran Wrap)
NO light bulbs of any kind
NO glassware, pyrex or window panes
NO tissue products
NO egg cartons (styrofoam or pressed paper)
NO pizza boxes
NO aluminum car parts, siding or foil
NO electronics or appliances
NO hazardous household materials of any kind
NO paints, stains, or finishes
NO trash, garbage or food waste
NO plastic shopping bags

** During the recycling process small plastic items fall through sorting screens and jam machines and contaminate other recycle products. Small plastic items less than 2" x 2" should be disposed of in regular household trash.

This is a 24/7/365 facility and is monitored by Copley Police Department surveillance camera.  For more information call the Copley Service Department or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please take advantage of this recycling center to help conserve our planet's natural resources. Together we can make a difference!