Public Records

Public Records in Copley Township

As a service to our community, the Copley Police Department makes available our police reports online for you to review. These reports are normally available within a few days after the officer has taken the initial report. Once a police report is completed by an officer, the report must be reviewed by a supervisor prior to release to the public. Once that review takes place, the report will appear here. You can read and/or print a copy of the police report.

Not all police records are considered a public record. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the information included in police reports, the Copley Police Department is required by law to protect that information. Should you have any questions about a police report as it appears here, please feel free to contact our Records Department at 330-666-4218 during normal business hours. Every effort will be made to make available to you any information that must be provided through the Ohio Public Records law.

If you are unable to access reports online, you can still request copies of police reports by contacting our Records Department at 330-666-4218 during normal business hours or in person at the Copley Police Department.

Automobile Accident Reports

The Copley Police Department works closely with the Ohio State Highway Patrol. In some instances, the Copley Police Department will respond to an automobile accident, but the investigation of the accident and the responsibility for the report is turned over to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Any accident reports taken by the Ohio State Highway Patrol will not be available here on the Copley website. You must access those reports through the Ohio State Highway Patrol website. You may also call their local office for additional information at 866-445-0376.