Township Roads

Township Roads

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Copley Township is responsible for maintaining 64.615 miles of roads. This mileage increases as new roads are constructed in new allotments. The roads are mostly residential neighborhood roads with the exception of a few business roads in the Montrose area. Most roads have a fifty-foot (50') right-of-way easement and within that easement, the Township is responsible to maintain the road surface, berms, roadside drainage ditches, or storm system, and traffic control signage.

They are also responsible to eliminate any potential road hazards such as low hanging branches or intersection sight distances that could result in a traffic accident. 

The Township is not responsible for any city water services or sanitary sewer service. Those are provided by the City of Akron or Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewers depending on where you live in the Township.

Repaving and maintenance projects are performed annually. The roads are monitored continually and it is through this monitoring process which roads are selected for repaving each year. There are four annual projects performed:

448 Asphalt Paving - Asphalt repaving is done as a mill & fill operation. This is a simple procedure where a couple of inches of the top surface is milled off, any minor base problems are repaired, and a new topcoat reinstalled. This procedure provides the least amount of disturbance and inconvenience to the residents by leaving the road open for traffic during the project. If the road has more serious issues then lane closures may be necessary.

Concrete Road Replacement - Concrete roads are made up of individual panels that may break and create a hazard to motorists. When this occurs these individual panels are removed, base repair/installation work performed, and the concrete poured onto the repaired base. This road work is the most disruptive because it requires the removal of the broken panels and, once the concrete is reinstalled, there is a 5-7 day cure time for Class QC concrete before vehicles may drive on it. However, to allow homeowners quicker access to their residence should a panel be removed at the end of their driveway, a quick-drying Class QC MS concrete is used that only has a 2-3 day cure time.

422 Chip Seal Paving - Chip Seal paving consists of applying for an asphalt leveling course on portions of the road to reset the profile for proper drainage, an emulsion sprayed on the width of the road to provide a tacky surface for the aggregate that's spread thinly on the tack. Tire rollers push the aggregate into the tack for better adhesion. Excess aggregate is swept up after the tack has set up properly.

Pavement Marking - Pavement striping and markings are used for lane control. Only roads in the Montrose area have pavement markings. Residential roads are not required to be striped.  

In an effort to reduce costs of annual road repaving projects the Township joins with the Summit County Road Program offered through the Summit County Engineer's Office. Larger quantities results in reduced unit price costs and the savings are usually 5%-7%. All Summit County communities are encouraged to participate.

 2018 7400 International 5-ton

Snow and Ice Control - The Service Department has 6 - 5-ton plow/salt trucks to keep our roads open and safe during the winter months. On average it takes 70 tons of salt and 5 hours to plow and salt the centers only to open them up and another 5 hours to plow the edges to full width. To open the roads in the quickest time possible these trucks do not plow cul-de-sacs. Smaller trucks that have better maneuverability clear the cul-de-sacs. There are over 100 cul-de-sacs so it takes some time to clear them all at least once.  

Non-Township Roads

Not all roads in Copley Township are maintained by the Township. The following is a list of roads maintained by either the State of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) or the Summit County Engineer’s Office (COSE) or other agencies:

State Roads

Copley Road (State Route 162); Medina Road (State Route 18), State Route 21, and Interstate 77 are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation District 4 headquartered at 2088 Arlington Road, Akron 44306. 330-786-3100

County Roads

Collier Road (West Side Only), South Hametown Road (North from Copley Road to Medina Road), Jacoby Road, Minor Road, Ridgewood Road (west from South Cleveland-Massillon to Medina Line Road), South Cleveland-Massillon Road (State Route18 to Copley-Norton limit line), Schocalog Road, Stimson Road, Summit Road, White Pond Drive, and Wright Road are maintained by the Summit County Engineer's Office. 330-643-2850.

Other Roads

  • Collier Road (East Side) is maintained by the City of Akron (330-375-2270).
  • Ridgewood Road (east from South Cleveland-Massillon Road to South Miller Road) is maintained by the City of Fairlawn (330-668-9550).
  • Hemphill Road (South Side) is maintained by the City of Norton (330-825-7815).

For a complete list of roads and who maintains them, please view the Copley Township Street Directory (PDF).