Historic Depot and AC&Y Caboose

Located at 3770 Copley Road the Historic Copley Depot and Akron Canton & Youngstown (AC&Y) Caboose are wonderfully preserved connections to Copley's past.

The Depot was built in 1891 by the Pittsburg, Akron, and Western Railroad and is a marvelous example of Stick/Eastlake architectural style of the Late Victorian Era. It celebrated its 125th birthday in 2016. It was important to the community during that time period because it opened up Copley to the rest of the nation. The railroad provided a reliable form of transportation because roads were muddy and unpassable several months of the year. 
Copley began as a small farm community that was known for its rich loamy soils that were deposited by the receding of the glaciers. Residents raised vegetables, corn, and wheat and fruit trees were indigenous to the region. Copley also had an abundance of marshy, swampy areas and those yielded wild cranberries, huckleberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Hunting and trapping were labors but supplied meat, animal skins, and furs, and the ponds in the area afforded excellent sporting grounds for fishermen. The railway not only helped business operations, it provided convenient passenger access to Akron, Medina, and other desirable points, and also increased the general value of the Township's real estate. Through the years as times changed, and AC&Y took over the railway, they decided to demolish the Depot in 1974. It was offered to the last AC&Y Agent William "Hank" Gromann for $1 if he would move it from the Sawmill Road location. Mr. Gromann alone did not have the means to move the station but after learning of the depot's impending demise a group of local residents organized to save the historic structure, thus forming the Copley Historical Society, and he was one of the original contributors.The Depot was moved to its present location by the cemetery in 1974. It was listed on the National Registry on May 31, 2001. It is open to visitors once a month during the summer and school tours are always welcome. Please contact the Copley Historical Society at 330-666-1853 for arrangements. 

The AC&Y Caboose was built in 1947 by International Railway Car Company, Buffalo, New York, and is one of only six believed to still remain from that production year.  When the Copley Historical Society found out the Caboose was slated for retirement they asked AC&Y if they may have it and it was gifted to them in 1984. This caboose actually ran the rails through Copley Township so it had special significance to the community. In 2009 a restoration project of the exterior was performed. The AC&Y Historical Society was contacted to enlist their knowledge to ensure the correct paint colors and lettering schemes were used to create an accurate depiction of what the caboose would look like if it were still in service today. It is open for visitors when the Depot is open.
Stop by and visit these historic treasures of the Township's past. They are truly two of Copley's gems.
Copley Depot 2017