Neighborhood Revitalization

The Township strives to enhance property values by actively addressing the negative impacts of blight and abandonment. Copley engages with homeowners to improve and enhance the housing stock and thereby help foster strong and prosperous neighborhoods.

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Property Maintenance


The purpose of the Property Maintenance Code is to protect the public health, safety, public convenience, comfort, prosperity, or general welfare as it pertains to areas, premises, and buildings used for residential, commercial, industrial, travel, and public purposes. Residents are able to report Property Maintenance Complaint online and track the status of their progress. Learn more about Property Maintenance in Copley Township.

The Maintenance & Revitalization Inspection Program is designed to provide for a non-biased, systematic approach to improving and maintaining the overall conditions of the Township required for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our community.

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Volunteers keep Copley beautiful. We are committed to finding opportunities for our residents which contribute to the overall environment of the Township. Opportunities may include landscape improvements, tree plantings, property revitalization and corridor enhancement. Visit with your Neighborhood Ambassador to learn more about projects in your area and throughout the Township. 



Copley is committed to providing a safe environment for all residents. The Department of Community & Economic Development is charged with identifying and removing blighted structures for the goal of creating safe environments in all areas of the Township. Revitalization efforts are geared towards the repurposing of blighted land to assist with storm water management, recreation, and much more!

Demolition Bids are now being accepted

The property in need of demolition and cleanup is:

  • 2098 Columbus Ave.

The deadline to submit estimates on the demolition and cleanup for the above site is

4 PM on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Please submit your sealed estimates at Copley Town Hall if interested in participating.  Any questions about the property can be directed to Jeff Newman at or by calling our office at (330) 666-0108. To receive all forms please email Clarissa Hunt at

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