Preservation of Historical Structures and Land

The case for preservation – without knowing where we’ve been, we cannot know where we might be going. Copley has an abundance of local history which is worth preserving for future generations.

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Land Conservancy

Copley continues to invest in environmentally sensitive lands that can be utilized by our residents. These lands are essential to ongoing stormwater management efforts, increasing passive recreational opportunities, and protecting wildlife habitat.  The Township and its residents are able to accomplish such initiatives through ongoing partnerships with agencies including the University of Akron, the Summit County Land Bank, and the Western Reserve Land Conservancy.


Environmentally Sensitive Land

Approximately 83% of the land in Copley Township has been identified as environmentally sensitive. This land is constrained by floodplains, Riparians, and/or wetlands. The community works to embrace the preservation of sensitive land while balancing growth and development.


Century Home Inventory

Copley is rich in history with over 200 years of legacy. The two oldest known structures date back to 1830 with roots tied to the Underground Railroad. The preservation of these historical structures ensures that the legacy can be shared from one generation to the next. 

Century Home Inventory List

Century Home Inventory Map

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Scenic Byways

The Township is committed to obtaining scenic byway designations through efforts supported by the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Areas prime for byway designations include Route 21 from Ridgewood Road to Stimson Road and Cleveland-Massillon Road. 

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