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Commercial Development

Commercial investment is essential to the health of a successful community. The Department of Community & Economic Development is charged with creating commercial partnerships which fit the needs and desire of the Township. Investment assists the Township's tax base and contributes to Copley's appeal as a great place to live, work and play!

Follow our Projects on the Move online as they move through the Major/Minor Site Plan review with the Architectural Review Board.

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Akron Children's Urgent Care Clinic

Applicant:                   Justin Fye, MPG ArchitectsChildrens urgent care
On Behalf of:              Akron Children’s Urgent Care Clinic
Landowners:              McCauley Management LLC
Property Address:   4118 Medina Rd.
Property Location:  Parcels 1507030
Land Area:                    1.45 Acres
Zoning District:         C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                      Minor Site Plan
Case #:                            ARB202401

Applicant, Justin Fye, on behalf of Akron Children’s, is proposing an adaptive re-use of the former Golf Galaxy Building. The proposal includes a full interior renovation, façade updates, parking resurface, landscape refresh, and sign package. 

Staff Report

ARB Meeting Minutes

Crusade Baptist ChurchCrusade Baptist Church

Applicant:                   Justus Snow, Pastor
On Behalf of:              Crusade Baptist Church
Landowners:              Crusade Baptist Church
Property Address:   2982 Copley Rd.
Property Location:  Parcels 1500716/1501132
Land Area:                    Parcel 1500716-2.23 Acres, Parcel 1501132-.82 Acre
Zoning District:          R-MD (Residential Medium Density) Conditional Use-Church
Proposal:                      Conditional Use Update/Site Plan
Case #:                           ARB202402

Applicant, Justus Snow, Pastor, is requesting to update an existing Conditional Use-Church, to construct a new 85’ x 121’ activity building. The majority of the building will be placed atop an existing impervious area in the parking lot. The building is comprised of a new gymnasium, classrooms, and kitchen.

ARB Meeting Minutes 

Staff Report

Copley-Fairlawn High SchoolCopley High School

Applicant:                           Stephan Howick
On Behalf of:                     Copley-Fairlawn City Schools
Landowners:                     Board of Education of Copley Schools
Property Address:          3807 Ridgewood Road
Property Location:         Parcels 1500173
Land Area:                           52.78 Acres
Zoning District:                 R-MD (Residential Medium Density)
Proposal:                              Major Site Plan
Case #:                                    CU202303

On September 11, 2023, and September 14, the applicant, Stephan Howick went before the Architectural Review Board and the Board of Zoning Appeals to propose updates to the Copley High Stadium, track, main building interior, and entry vestibule. 

Agenda Center for Meeting Minutes

Staff Report Copley High School

Copley Fairlawn Schools 

High School Feb. 2024


X GolfX Golf

Applicant:                           Mike Bizjak-Cicogna Electric & Sign Co., Inc.
On Behalf of:                     X Golf
Landowners:                      Butterfli Holdings 035 LLC
Property Address:           55 Springside Drive
Property Location:          Parcel 1507078
Zoning District:                 C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                              Minor Site Plan: Sign
Case #:                                   ARB202317

 X Golf will be one of the first new businesses moving into the old Ethan Allen Building.  Butterfl Holdings 035 LLC recently purchased the building and has been developing it into a beautiful multi-tenant building.

This building has two frontages and two entrances for X Golf. One on Springside Drive and one on Flight Memorial Drive.  X Golf will share the frontage with other tenants, TBD, on the west side of the building (S Springside). The tenant (X Golf) is the primary frontage on the east side of the building (Flight Memorial).

Agenda Center for Meeting Mintes

X Golf Staff Report

X Golf

Graf GrowersGraf Growers

Applicant:                           Ryan Grass, Grassroots Architecture
On Behalf of:                     Graf Growers
Landowners:                      White Pond Gardens Inc.
Property Address:           1015 White Pond Drive
Property Location:          Parcels 1505281
Land Area:                          14.5 Acres
Zoning District:                 R-OC (Residential Open Space Conservation)
Proposal:                             Major Site Plan
Case #:                                  ARB202311

At the September 11, 2023, Architectural Review Board Meeting and the September 14, 2023, Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting, Graf Growers proposed to construct a new 15,850 square foot building, inclusive of a new Farmer’s Market Area and greenhouse, with renovations to existing buildings and new parking areas.

Agenda Center for Meeting Minutes

Graf Growers Staff Report

Graf Growers

Walter Properties

Applicant:                    Walter Properties Walterville project
Landowners:              Walter Properties Inc.
Property Address:   1351 S Cleveland Massillon Rd.
Property Location:  Parcel 1503771
Zoning District:         I (Industrial)
Proposal:                       Area Variance
Case #:                            VAR20222
Status:                            Major Site Plan Initiated 12/5/2022, Rear Yard Setback Variance Granted 12/14/2022, Side Yard Setback Variance Requested 2/6/2023 

*Application amended 2/6/2023 for a side yard setback variance (northern property line).  

The applicant, Elliott Pickett, on behalf of Walter Properties, requested on December 5, 2022, to construct a new 14,500-square-foot commercial building and a variance to the rear setback development standard associated with the construction.

The proposed building will be “L” shaped and comprised of multiple commercial tenants. The parking will be located in front of the building. 

Agenda Center Meeting Minutes for December 5 & 14, 2022, and February 6, 2023.

Staff Report For Walterville Addition 

Walterville Facebook

Walterville Website

Walterville Feb. 2024

North East Ohio Classical Academy  


 Applicant:                   Charles Cline 
On Behalf of:              North East Ohio Classical Academy                                            
Landowners:              Group One Broadcasting Limited                         North East Ohio Classical Academy
Property Address:   137 Heritage Woods Drive
Property Location:  Parcel 1700492
Land Area:                    9.29 Acres
Zoning District:          PDD (Planned Development District) Uses: Business/Office/Retail/Personal Services
Proposal:                      Conditional Use: School/Educational Facility
Case #:                            CU202302

Applicant, Charles Cline, on behalf of North East Ohio Classical Academy, requested approval to operate a Conditional Use-School Educational Facility.  

This is an adaptive reuse of the existing building. There are currently no alterations or additions proposed for the building or parking surface.

Staff Report

 Copley Auto & Collision

 Plevris Enterprises LLC


Applicant:            Bill Estright/John Plevris
On Behalf of:      Copley Auto & Collision 
Landowners:      Plevris Enterprises LLC & Merri B   Smith
Address:                1230 S Cleveland Massillon Road
Location:              Parcel 1500343
Land Area:            0.88 Acres
Zoning District:  I-Industrial
Proposal:              Major Site Plan-Addition/Variance   side & rear yard setbacks
Case #:                   ARB202309

The applicant is requesting to construct a 4640-square-foot commercial addition.  The addition is comprised of a new garage expansion inclusive of a framing room, calibration room, and a paints and storage room.

Staff Report 

Storage King

Applicant:                        Christopher Schmidt-Davey Resource Group
Mina Ave.On Behalf of:                   Storage King USA
Landowner:                    AGAP Akron LLC
Property Location:     1252 Mina Ave/3284 Copley Road Parcels 1506659 & 1500946
Acreage:                            15.1 (Lots to be Consolidated)
Zoning District:             Industrial
Proposal:                          New Commercial Buildings
Case #:                                ARB202208

The applicant, Christopher Schmidt, of Davey Resource Group, on behalf of Storage King USA  requested approval to construct a new flex office/warehouse building, two self-storage buildings, and covered RV storage.

ARB Meeting Minutes March 2022

ARB Meeting Minutes April 2022 

Staff Report

1840 Manor HouseWhite Pond Event Center Photo

Applicant:                            Steve & Jen
Landowner:                        S & J Boyd Properties LLC
Property Location:          796 White Pond Drive Parcel 1508672
Zoning District:                 R-O/C Residential Open Space Conservation
Proposal:                             Conditional Use-Event Center Article 7, Section 7.10 AA.
Case #                                   CU202203

The applicant, Steven Boyd, is requesting approval to operate an Event Center, which is a Conditionally Permitted Use in the Residential Open Space Conservation District.

ARB Staff Report

ARB Meeting Minutes

Staff Report

Copley Safety CenterUpdated Safety Center photo

Applicant:                      Loudan Klein, Director
On Behalf of:                Copley Township
Landowners:                 Copley Township Board of Trustees
Property Address:     1278 & 1280 Sunset Drive
Property Location:    Parcels 1504649 & 1502473
Zoning District:           I-Industrial
Proposal:                        Major Site Plan-Copley Township Safety Center
Case #:                              ARB202308

 The applicant, is proposing to construct a new 35,000+ square foot Township Safety Center inclusive of fire and police services.

ARB Staff Report

BZA Staff Report

Butterfli HoldingEthan Allen Building Photo

Applicant:                           Robert Abramovich-EVP
On Behalf of:                     Butterfli Holdings 035 LLC
Landowners:                      Butterfli Holdings 035 LLC
Property Address:           55 S Springside Drive
Property Location:          Parcel 1507078
Land Area:                          1.9 Acres
Zoning District:                C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                             Minor Site Plan-Parking, Façade; Conditional Use-Drive Thru
Case #:                                   ARB202307

The applicant, Robert Abramovich-EVP, on behalf of Butterfli Holdings 035 LLC, is requesting approval of a Minor Site Plan application and Conditional Use-Drive Thru for the conversion of a single-tenant building into a multi-tenant building. 

ARB Staff Report

BZA Staff Report

PaneraX Golf

CavanaughCavanaugh photo

Applicant:        Jonathan Morschl, Four Points Architecture 
On Behalf of:   Cavanaugh Building Corp
Landowners:  Benallie LLC Property
Address:            1744 Collier Road Property
Location:           Parcel 1600030
Land Area:       5.49 Acres
Zoning District: I-Industrial
Proposal:           Major Site Plan-Addition
Case #:                 ARB20230

The applicant, Jonathan Morschl, on behalf of Cavanaugh Building Corp.,  is requesting to construct a 2751-square-foot commercial addition inside of the identified floodplain and Riparian. The applicant is seeking variance relief to construct inside of the floodplain/Riparian.

ARB Staff Report

BZA Staff Report

Noodle KingNoodle King

Applicant:                      Steve Runyon/Hinckley Ridge Signs
On Behalf of:                Noodle King
Landowners:                Montrose Center LTD
Property Address:    3900 Medina Road
Property Location:  Parcel 1508295
Zoning District:         C-GR Commercial General Retail
Proposal:                      Minor Site Plan-Signs
Case #:                           ARB202303

The applicant, Steve Runyon of Hinckley Ridge Signs, on behalf of Noodle King (former Zoup site),  is requesting to place a new building sign and replace sign panels in the Business Center Signs and the Instructional Sign for the purpose of advertising the new location. 

ARB Staff Report - Noodle King

Crafty SteereCrafty Steere

Applicant:                    Todd Evans-Fastsigns Akron
On Behalf of:              Crafty Steere
Landowners:              Montrose Center LTD
Property Address:   3571 Brookwall Drive
Property Location:  Parcel 1508296
Zoning District:         C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                      Minor Site Plan-Signs
Case #:                           ARB202304

Applicant, Todd Evans-Fastsigns Akron, on behalf of Crafty Steere, requested to place a new building sign and replace sign panels in the Business Center Signs to advertise the new location.

Yahoo News Article

Crafty Steere

Primrose Schools

Landowner:                 KIRPA LLCPrimrose Copley-Fairlawn
Applicant:                     Stephen Butler, Alt Architecture 
Property Location:   Parcel 1702664 Heritage Center 
Zoning District:           PDD-Conditional Use 
Proposal:                       Major Site Plan Application

The applicant, Stephen Butler of ALT Architecture has proposed to construct a new 15,736 square foot building, inclusive of a 14,000 square foot outdoor play area for the purpose of providing care and education to children.

School/Educational Facilities are a Conditional Use in Business Office of the Planned Development District. 

The Conditional Use was approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals on July 8, 2020.

Primrose School Staff Report

ARB MINUTES 03/06/2023

Primrose School

Town Tavern MontroseTown Tavern Rendering resized

Applicant:                      Timothy Adkins
On Behalf of:                Town Tavern Montrose LLC
Landowner:                  Town Tavern Montrose LLC
Property Location:   125 Montrose West Ave. Parcel 1700460
Acreage:                         2.67 Acres
Zoning District:          PDD-Highway Services
Proposal:                       Commercial Addition
Case #:                             ARB202211

Timothy Adkins, on behalf of Town Tavern requested to construct a commercial addition for the purpose of expanding indoor and outdoor dining at the new restaurant location. 

Staff Report - Sign Package

Staff Report for Town Tavern


Flynn's Tire & Auto Service - MontroseFlynns resized

Applicant:                       James Flynn
On Behalf of:                 Flynn’s Tire
Property Address:      28 Rothrock Loop
Zoning District:            C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                         Minor Site Plan-Sign Package
Case #:                               ARB202227

James Flynn, on behalf of Flynn’s Tire requested to place new signs for advertising the new business at this location and exterior façade updates.

Staff Report Flynn’s Tire & Auto Service

Architectural Review Board 12/05/2022

Flynn's Tire & Auto Service

Charles SchwabCharles Schwab resized

Applicant:   ML Kenwood Investors LTD
On Behalf of:   ML Kenwood Investors LTD
Landowner:   OCG Copley Land LLC
Location:  Heritage Center Drive, Parcel 1702658
Proposal:     Major Site Plan-Commercial   Construction
Case #:  ARB202215

The applicant, Michael Orzvecz, on behalf of ML Kenwood Investors LTD, requested approval to construct a new commercial office building.   The proposed 5,000-square-foot building will be the new home of the Charles Schwab Corporation which provides a full range of brokerage, banking, and financial advisory services through its operating subsidiaries. 

Charles Schwab Staff Report

Architectural Review Board 05/02/2022

MedVet-Leading Specialty Healthcare for Pets.MedVet

Applicant:                            Cody Free-Korda
On Behalf of:                      MedVet
Landowner:                         Broadstone MV Portfolio LLC/Copley Road Holdings LLC
Property Location:          1321 Centerview Circle/3675 Copley Road/Parcels 1508153 & 1502424
Acreage:                                1321 Centerview Circle: 2.80, 3675 Copley Road: 1.93
Zoning District:                 Industrial
Proposal:                              Addition/Parking
Case #:                                   ARB202207

The applicant, Cody Free, of Korda, on behalf of MedVet, requested approval to construct an addition/parking.  The addition will be located on the north side of the building. The addition will be utilized to house two MRI cassettes totaling 1740 square feet in overall area and a 41 square foot entry vestibule.  Additionally, the updates will include renovation of existing space to accommodate additional exam rooms, ophthalmology services, dentistry, and a pet relief area.

Staff Report

ARB Meeting Minutes 03/07/2022

BZA Meeting Minutes 03/09/2022

MedVet Feb. 2024


Applicant:                  Patricia Rakoci-Redwood
Business Name:       Redwood Apartment Neighborhoods
Landowner:               Tuscan Ridge Development Company
Property Location: Parcel 1508514 (Heritage Woods/Aaron’s Way)
Zoning District:        PDD (Planned Development District)
Proposal:                    Redwood Apartment Neighborhood-Site Plan Submitta


The applicant has submitted a plan which would develop vacant parcel #1508514 located off of Heritage Woods Drive in Copley Township. The parcel consists of 7.4 acres. The parcel is primarily clear, development ready, and free of any readily identifiable environmental concerns. The applicant is proposing 43% open space. The parcel is zoned in the Planned Development District for Medium to High Density Residential.





Applicant:                    Ben Weinerman, Pride One Development
Landowner:                Jacoby Company/Rolling Wood LLC
Property Location:  Parcels 1501734, 1801735, 1503826
Zoning District:         R-MD (Residential Medium Density)
Proposal:                      Residential Conservation Development 

Applicant, Ben Weinerman, on behalf of Pride One Construction, is requesting review of a residential development project consisting of 133 attached single family dwellings. The proposed development is located on 63 acres of residentially zoned land.

The applicant will require a rezoning of the existing parcels from R-MD (Residential-Medium Density to Residential-Conservation Development).


SUBMITTED: 10/12/2021


ROTHROCK ROADRothrock MUCD resized

Applicant:                    Matthew J Birch
Landowner:                Matthew J Birch
Property Location:  Parcel 1504432 (506 Rothrock Road)/Parcel 1501804
Zoning District:         C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                     Mixed-Use Compact Development District

SUBMITTED: 6/28/2019
AMENDED: 6/21/2021


Applicant and landowner, Matthew J Birch, has submitted a concept plan for a proposed Mixed Use Compact Development (MUCD) located at Parcels 1501804 and 1504432. The site is 20+ acres in total and is currently zoned C-GR. The site would be comprised of single-family attached townhomes, apartments, and retail. The site requires approval from the Architectural Review Board for a Final Development Plan and the Board of Trustees for the required rezoning.


ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD REPORT 7/6/2021 townhomes rendering

Final Development Plan


Rothrock MUCD Townhomes Feb. 2024


Applicant:                    Randy Parsons (Mann, Parsons Gray Architects)
Landowner:                Omni Heritage Center LLC
Property Location:  Parcel 1702656 & 1702047 (Heritage Center Drive)
Zoning District:         Planned Development District
Business:                      Omni Property Companies, LLC (Continuum Care Facility)
Proposal:                      Site Plan 


The applicant is in the process of developing an additional 5.59 acres of vacant land for the propose of constructing 35 new independent living villas and a 3,000 sq. ft. community center as part of the Omni Senior Living. The 35 villas are in addition to the previously approved site plan. The new villas range from 4 to 2 units and would reflect previously approved architectural elements such as masonry/stone veneer, vinyl siding, EIFS, architectural asphalt shingles and standing seam metal accent roofs. 




Applicant:                   Josh Long, CESO Arby's resizedBusiness 
Name:                            Arby’s Restaurant
Landowner:                PWF Fairlawn LLC
Property Address:   4100 Medina Road
Property Location:  Parcel #1500956
Zoning District:         C-GR (Commercial General Retail)
Proposal:                     Major Site Plan


The applicant, Josh Long on behalf of CESO and Arby’s, is proposing a new 2500 square foot building for the purpose of a new 40 seat restaurant with a duel lane drive-thru. The drive-thru is a Conditionally Permitted use in the Commercial-General Retail District.  Original submission: 2800 sf; 60 seats

Arby's Staff Report

Architectural Review Board 05/02/2022


Residential Development

Residential investment is key to the health of a successful community. The Department of Community & Economic Development in committed to sound residential growth which aims to assist and guide residential developers and residents. We strive to provide a high-level of service to those who have chosen to make Copley their home.

Residential development in Copley is primarily composed of single-family home development and accessory use additions.