Fiscal Officer

"As your Fiscal Officer, I am open to all public requests.  Please feel free to send an email.  No request is too small."


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The Ohio Revised Code establishes the duties and responsibilities of the Fiscal Officer. The Fiscal Officer is elected to a four-year term that commences on the first day of April following the election.

Roles & Duties

The Fiscal Officer has all the fiscal responsibilities of the Township including paying bills, payrolls and receiving revenue as it is distributed to the Township. In addition to the fiscal duties, she also maintains an accurate record of the proceedings of all the Board of Trustees meetings. She is the liaison between the County Fiscal Officer and the State of Ohio Auditor's office.

The Fiscal Officer also notifies the Board of Election of all vacancies in the Township of elected officials. She also must notify the Board of Elections of all changes in the township's boundaries.

Auditor's Report