Architectural Review Board

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The Architectural Review Board is charged with design review of all new construction, changes, and additions to commercial, industrial and multi-family projects including signage. The Board’s goals and purposes are to:

  • Promote orderly and harmonious development of the Township in accordance with Copley Township’s Land Use Plan.
  • Enhance the desirability of residence or investment in the Township.
  • Encourage the attainment of the most desirable use of land and improvements.
  • Enhance the desirability of living conditions upon the immediate site or in adjacent areas.
  • Promote visual environments that are of high aesthetic quality and variety and which, at the same time, are considerate of each other.


The Architectural Review Board is authorized under Ohio Revised Code §519.171 effective November 5, 2004, and amended May 27, 2005.


The Board is composed of five members and two alternates appointed by the Copley Township Board of Trustees of which three of whom are architects, landscape architects, engineers, building designers, or other design professionals. 

Powers & Duties

The Architectural Review Board is authorized and directed to provide an advisory review of any permanent sign, exterior construction, reconstruction, exterior addition or alteration, exterior restoration, razing, relocation, or demolition of any building or structures classified as:

  • A proposed sign
  • A Conditional Use
  • Located within the Industrial District
  • Located within the Commercial District
  • The Creation or Extension of a Residential Subdivision
  • The Development of a Planned Residential Development
  • The Development of a Mixed-Use Compact Development District


The Architectural Review Board may establish additional written guidelines for applications, public meetings, standards of appropriateness, and other necessary standards for this section including:

  • Review and identify structures and areas within Copley Township that are historically, archaeologically, or architecturally significant
  • Make comments and recommendations to the Zoning Commission and the Township Trustees regarding the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the Zoning Resolution and other land use issues


The Architectural Review Board meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 6 p.m. in the North Meeting Room, 1540 S Cleveland-Massillon Road. The applicant or his or her representative should be present to answer questions from the Board. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. All meetings are open to the public and subject to Ohio’s Open Meeting Laws.

Applicants must submit applications to the Department of Community & Economic Development along with two hard copies of plans, elevations, and other supporting material. Electronic submissions of plans are required. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


A Site Plan is required for all Commercial Project Reviews. All Site Plans are reviewed by the Architectural Review Board. 

MAJOR SITE PLAN APPLICATION: Required for all new commercial construction and commercial additions. For most major projects, the following internal agencies will conduct a review: Copley Township Fire, Police, Service, and Community & Economic Development. Additionally, for most projects, the following external agencies will conduct a review: Summit County Soil & Water, Summit County Engineer’s Office, and the Summit County Building Department. In some cases, site plans also require review by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and/or the US Army Corp of Engineers. An Application for Construction must be submitted along with the Major Site Plan Application.

Development Checklist for Major Site Plan Applications

MINOR SITE PLAN APPLICATION: Required for all signs, landscape plans, parking improvements, accessory buildings, and other minor commercial exterior improvements. Internal/external agency review as needed. An Application for Construction must be submitted along with the Minor Site Plan Application.

MODIFIED SITE PLAN APPLICATION: Required for all interior renovations, new tenant occupancy, and change of business use. Internal/external agency review as needed. An Application for Construction must be submitted along with the Modified Site Plan Application if applicable.

An applicant must submit the necessary application and schedule a meeting with the Zoning Inspector to review the application prior to placement on an Architectural Review Board agenda.

Please visit to access applications related to the Architectural Review Board. 

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings of the Architectural Review Board are held on the first Monday of every month (with the exception of July and September) at 6:00 PM EST. Meetings are held at the Copley Township Town Hall in the North Room. Town Hall is located at 1540 S. Cleveland-Massillon Road, Copley, OH 44321.

Meeting Materials & Minutes

Agendas and related documents are available prior to the meeting. Minutes are presented in both draft and approved form online.

View Most Recent Agendas & Minutes

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January 9, 2023 February 6, 2023
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December 11, 2023 January 8, 2024 (Second Monday)
*Applications must be filed by 4:00 PM EST on the date of deadline.  

Regular Members

  • Dale Couch
  • Christine Davis
  • Joseph Gregory
  • Kelly McPherson


  • James Grigson