Bike Patrol

Bicycle Patrol

Copley Police officers patrol our community through a variety of methods, one of which is on bicycles.  Bicycles are very effective for certain aspects of police patrol and enforcement.

Police officers receive special police bicycle training before setting out on patrol.  Although riding a bicycle is relatively easy because most of us learned to do so as children, riding while on patrol presents some challenges.  Officers are trained in riding bicycles over rough terrain, including on stairways, steep inclines, in confined spaces, and under adverse weather conditions.  Officers are adept at riding in crowds at special events and maneuvering at very slow speeds.  Officers also practice quick dismounting techniques, which are necessary when overtaking someone fleeing from police, and then making an apprehension.
 Most of the time, our officers patrol the neighborhoods in our community.  The slower pace of patrol and the ability to transition from the roadway onto sidewalks and driveways allows our officers to interact with our residents on a more personal basis.

You may have seen our officers patrolling your neighborhood in the daylight hours.  When we do so, we try to meet and speak to our residents.  However, our officers have frequently conducted patrols on bicycles during the late evening hours after dark.  Officers use bicycles in targeted areas such as neighborhoods where vandalism, burglaries, or thefts from vehicles are taking place.  Officers can move about these neighborhoods relatively undetected and can transition to foot patrol easily to walk between houses.
If you see our officers riding bicycles through your neighborhood, please feel free to wave us down. We would be happy to speak with you. We enjoy meeting our residents and are eager to address any concerns you might have.

Officer Daniel Rafferty and Officer Daniel SeeOfficer Daniel Rafferty (left) and Officer Daniel See (Right)