Copley K-9 Unit

K9 Unit

The K9 Unit's duties are to track and apprehend criminal offenders as well as missing persons and to detect the presence of narcotics.  The K9 is specially trained and certified in drug detection, building searches, tracking and obedience.  The K9 Unit's handler, Officer Kenny Porter, is an experienced handler with specialized training and a vast knowledge in the identification, concealment methods and transportation of illegal narcotics.  Officer Porter also provides public demonstrations to increase awareness and understanding of the purpose and function of the unit.


Niko, a 7-year-old German Shepherd, and his handler Officer Kenny Porter have been employed with the Copley Police Department since 2016.  Niko is trained in many aspects of police work and also helps with the schools and community events. Niko and Officer Porter work closely with many agencies and their K9 Units helping with search and rescue, traffic stops, school lock-downs and many other police functions as well as their continued training.  Below is a picture of some of the other communities K9 Units during a training session.                       

K9, CHS, vehicles by FB stadium

Niko Card frontNiko, Copley K9, K9 unit