Copley K-9 Unit

K9 Unit

The K9 Unit's duties are to track and apprehend criminal offenders as well as missing persons and to detect the presence of narcotics.  The K9 is specially trained and certified in drug detection, building searches, tracking, and obedience.  The K9 Unit's handler, Officer Kenny Porter, is an experienced handler with specialized training and vast knowledge in the identification, concealment methods, and transportation of illegal narcotics.  Officer Porter also provides public demonstrations to increase awareness and understanding of the purpose and function of the unit.

Officer Porter has taken on a new K9 Officer named Chip!  Chip is a 1 1/2-year-old German Shepard who came all the way from Germany! You may see Officer Chip out and about with Officer Porter, please say hi! (After asking permission of course!)

Also, with heartfelt appreciation to Brady’s K9 Fund for donating a custom made a vest to Chip.  Brady’s K9 Fund was founded by Brady Snakovsky when he was only ten years old.  He couldn’t understand why all K9 Officers were not wearing a ballistic vest like their handlers.  After learning that the vests are very expensive and not automatically issued to the K9’s, he made it a mission to raise funds in order to protect those who protect us and make sure that they come home at the end of their shift. Thank you very much, Brady and the Brady’s K9 Fund!

Below are new photos of Chip, the first being with his new safety vest thanks to Brady’s K9 Fund, the second is with Administrative Assistants from Copley-Fairlawn Middle School, and lastly with members of our community! Please welcome Chip to the Copley Police Department!   

Chip sitting new vest

Copley, K9, Chip,

Copley, K9, Chip