Recycle Center

1280 Sunset Drive - next to the Police Station

Recycle Center Closed

The Copley Township Recycle Center was made possible by using Community Recycling Access Grant (CRAG) funding from Summit Reworks formerly known as the Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority. The facility opened in August 2012 and was built to give residents a way to recycle if they have no other means to do so and one doesn't have to be a Copley resident to use it.

Hours are Monday - Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm. 

Due to changes in the recycling industry worldwide our accepted item list has changed. Only those items that appear on the list below will be accepted.  

Commingle Container

Plastics #1 & #2 ONLY - #3 - #7 not accepted
Glass Bottles & Jars  - Clear, brown, green ONLY
Steel or Bi-metal Cans ONLY
Aeseptic Cartons ONLY - OJ, milk, half&half, etc.

Rinse out all of the above items to ensure a clean load

Aluminum Can Container

Aluminum Cans ONLY 

Please do not deposit any item in any container that is not on the above list.  Doing so risks trash contamination and the rejection of the entire load by the recycling processor. Rejected loads will be taken to a landfill and defeats the purpose of this facility. 


There are guidance signs and flyers available on site to help users deposit their recycle items into the correct containers. Please take a flyer home for future reference.  

Commingle Container


Aluminum Cans ONLY Container


Rebates are donated to the Akron Children's Hospital Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC) program.  

Paper/Cardboard Containers


Newspaper, paper, magazines, catalogs, paperback books, junk mail, office and school papers, calendars, chip board or fiber board (cereal, pop and beer cartons), envelopes (with or without  windows), phone books, aseptic cartons (milk, juice, half & half, etc).  Please break down all boxes to make a heavier load.

This facility is monitored by Copley Police Department surveillance camera. For more information contact the Copley Service Department at 330-666-0365.

Wheels for Wishes

To Tow Away, Auction Off and Recycle Old Cars free of charge, visit the Wheels for Wishes website. Proceeds benefit Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Recycle Information