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Road Opening Permits

Road Opening Permits are required when any work is being performed by a resident or contractor within the right-of-way of a Township road. (They are also required when working on a county or state road as well but those are obtained by the county or state offices.) 

The reason for permits is to alert the Township when a project affect any portion of the right-of-way, informs the resident or contractor of the rules, regulations, and responsibilities when working in the right-of-way allows for final inspections by the Township of work performed to ensure the project was completed according to plans, and to ensure the safety of the public and motorists. 

Failure to obtain a permit may lead to the immediate shutdown of the project by the Service Department. In that event, the project will not be allowed to resume until such time the resident or contractor submits the project details verbally or by plans for the Service Director's review and approval. Once approval is given the project may resume.

Road Opening Permits cover three major projects:

Culvert Pipe or Curb Cut Installations - Requires an $800 refundable deposit - Sets the rules and regulations when installing a new culvert pipe in roadside drainage ditches and curb cuts on curbed roads. 

This permit ensures the culvert pipe or curb cut was installed correctly and has not been damaged during construction, in drainage ditches the stormwater flows smoothly and without hindrance from the property line to the property line, the final seeding has taken place, and the right-of-way has been restored. 

Final inspections are required for refund of deposit. The permit holder will be given two chances (inspections) to correct any damage or problems found or the deposit may be surrendered to the Township to cover the costs of any repairs or corrections not made by the permit holder.    

Excavation - Requires $50 non-refundable payment - Any project involving mechanical digging or boring equipment. Examples are utility installation or maintenance, downspout tie-ins to storm systems or the running of septic system discharge pipes to the roadside ditch. 

The resident or contractor is required to submit plans verbally or by drawing. For residents - simple hand drawings of the project that shows the project details are accepted. Engineered drawings are not required. 

The final inspection is required to ensure any work is to the satisfaction of the Service Director or his designee according to the rules and regulations of the permit.   

Driveway Installation - Requires $10 non-refundable payment - For any driveway work within the right-of-way of the road. Sets the rules and regulations for aggregate, asphalt, or concrete materials. 

The resident/contractor is to contact the Service Department before any work commences so culvert pipes can be inspected for replacement by the Service Department at no cost to the homeowner. 

The permit holder shall request an inspection before concrete is poured to ensure forms are at the proper elevation. 

Concrete driveways are not permitted to come out to the edge of an asphalt road. They must be held back twelve inches (12") to eighteen inches (18") from the road edge and, upon notification, the Service Department will install the final asphalt to the road. 

The permit holder shall contact the Service Department when the driveway has been completed. 

Existing Driveway Culverts

If a resident believes their existing driveway culvert is not functioning properly, please contact the Service Department for an inspection. If it is determined that the culvert is failing, it will be replaced by Copley Service Department.

ROP Documents

ROP Fillable

ROP Regulations

Snow Removal

The Service Department is responsible for clearing 64.615 miles of Township roads. Remaining roads are the responsibility of the Summit County Engineer or the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). 

The lack of curbs clearly defining the roadway, roadside mailboxes, numerous driveway entrances, limited space for plowing, along with 100+ cul-de-sacs make it very challenging for the plow operators. 

Please drive cautiously near plow trucks and give them a wide berth. The driver's vision can be limited due to the weather conditions or his attention may be drawn to the operation of the vehicle at that moment.

Plowing is required if the snow accumulates enough where the salt alone would be ineffective. Plowing requires two passes to at least open the centers of the roads first for emergency services and the safe travel of motorists. 

Once the storm subsides the final two passes along the road edges push the snow back off the road to their full width. The plow trucks are instructed to stay on the roads to keep them open and pickup trucks are used to clear the cul-de-sacs and Township parking lots and cemetery roads. 

Residents should avoid parking on the roads when snow removal becomes necessary. When plowing snow from a driveway do not place the snow in the road. This could freeze and cause a road hazard which the property owner may be liable for should an accident result from this action. Snow should be confined to the property.

Tree Trimming

As required by the Ohio Revised Code, it is the responsibility of the Township to ensure its roadways are safe for the motoring public. Therefore, each year the Service Department trims back trees and shrubs within their right-of-ways to ensure proper sight distance for stop signs, speed limit signs, and other regulatory signs, as well as street name signs, along their roadways and intersections.

It is not required, but as a courtesy, the Service Department will attempt to notify residents before their trees or shrubs will be trimmed. If an entire neighborhood is scheduled for trimming, advance notice signs may be erected at the entrance roads of those areas or a letter sent to the Homeowners Association (HOA) informing them of the impending project and the HOA can inform their members.

Digital Signs at Copley Circle

The two digital announcement signs on Copley Circle are for the primary use of the Township Administration but they may be used for non-profit, not for profit community groups, and civic organizations in Copley Township. 

Requests for announcements may be made to the Service Department by email, fax, or in person. The application should be made as far in advance of the event so the sign can be made but there are no guarantees it will be displayed.

Copley Township reserves the right to refuse any announcement and emergency announcements take president overall requests. 

There are size limits with the sign so the wording may be adjusted for legibility. The signs are very popular so in order to accommodate as many requests as possible signs will be displayed between 7-10 days prior to the event. 

Any questions should be directed to Barb Amer, Administrative Assistant, Copley Service Department, 330-666-0365.

Announcements should have the following information:

  1. Who is holding the event?
  2. What is the event?
  3. When is the event?
  4. Where is the event?
  5. How much are admission fees?

Bounding a Road

Residents should not place obstacles, such as large rocks, metal or wooden stakes, etc., in the right-of-way along the edge of any roadway. Damage or injury may result from these objects should they prevent a vehicle or pedestrian from maneuvering or reacting to avoid a vehicle. A pedestrian or bicycle rider may fall onto these objects and suffer serious injury. Property owners may be subject to liability in the event an accident or injury involving these objects occurs. The Township has the right to remove any and all objects it deems as a nuisance.

Road Kill

Please report any dead animal you see on Township roads at 330-666-0365.