Enhanced Public and Green Space

Copley has actively pursued opportunities which increase the availability and convenience of access to public green space. Our core belief rests on the proposition that open space is a priceless resource which should discovered and enjoyed by all.

Public Green Space

Are you kayaking through the Everglades? Surprise! This beautiful stream with a lush tree canopy is located right here in Copley Township. Imagine someday hiking, biking and kayaking through this landscape. Visit the Little Farms Active Recreational Plan to discover the endless possibilities.

tree canopy small


Copley Township is dedicated to the preservation of the tree canopy found in our area. The Department of Community and Economic Development is committed to this mission through the engagement of tree preservation activities found in residential and commercial development.

Copley Little Farms Rendering


The Little Farms Active Recreational Plan is a long-term project which was the byproduct of a local grant aimed at increasing access and improving walkability within the Township. The Little Farms Active Recreational Plan is designed to allow public access through off-road trails in addition to preserving land which can be used for storm water retention, educational research and a wildlife conservancy efforts. The Township has actively participated with land assembly and partnered with nearby stakeholders such as the University of Akron to make this Plan a reality. The implementation of the Plan will result in future generations who reap the benefit of an ecologically rich and vibrant Little Farms area.



Connectivity is key. The Department of Community & Economic Development is dedicated to the pursuit of trails and greenways which connect Copley's residents to the community we live in. Through the use of a Trails & Greenways Committee and partnerships with residential and commercial developers, we will continue to build and implement practices which encourage connectivity in the Township. 

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